“Contemporary” redesign for Kellogg’s looks to make it “instantly recognisable”

Design studio Landor has carried out the packaging project, making the Kellogg’s logo larger and using a bowl of cereal as a “visual centre point” on each pack across the brand’s European portfolio.

Landor has created a new look for Kellogg’s cereals, in what the studio has called the “largest packaging redesign ever” across the brand’s European portfolio.

The aim is to “return Kellogg’s to its status as the leader of the category”, according to Landor, with a “contemporary” and “clean” new look that is “instantly recognisable”.

The new “simplified” design aims to provide greater clarity, making the packaging easier to recognise as a Kellogg’s product, according to Landor.

The old packaging was “muddled” and sent out “mixed messaging”, the studio adds, which meant the brand was “losing its identity”. The redesign looks to put a focus back on “natural grains”, which the studio has done by including more information about the production of the cereal on the back of pack.

Unifying features across the cereal packets, including Coco Pops, Frosties, and Corn Flakes, include a larger Kellogg’s logo across the top, with the name of each individual cereal beneath it in a smaller font.

The Kellogg’s wordmark overlaps the edge of front top of the cardboard cereal boxes, which the studio says reinforces the brand’s status by “relying on customer recognition”.

The logo itself, which read “Kellogg’s” in a red, joined-up script, has not been changed.

Another feature that now appears across all cereal boxes is an image of a cereal bowl containing the product, photographed from above, positioned in the middle of the lower half of the pack to provide a “visual centre point”, the studio says.

The packaging aims to be “honest”, according to the studio, with the imagery on the front resembling how the product looks “when it is put down on the breakfast table” and the writing on the back of pack “telling the consumer the story from the grain to the product in their bowl”.

Language on the back of packaging aims to be “straightforward” and “jargon-free”, creating “greater transparency”, Landor adds.

A “wider” and “bolder” colour palette has been introduced across the range, to help the products “stand out on shelf”, the studio says.

The new cereal packaging is being rolled out gradually in supermarkets across the UK and European markets, starting with Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, followed by other cereals.

Special K and W.K. Kellogg packs have not been included in the redesign.


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